Less sugar, more flavour!

We’re not like all the rest! Made with just a handful of the finest ingredients, our little low carb wonders contain a fraction of the sugar & carbs of our cookie counterparts. And don’t even get us started about our Madagascan Chocolate Chips…!

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Our ingredients

We’re all about using the very finest, low GI (what’s that!?), plant-based foods in our goodies– which is why we’re a favourite amongst nutritionists. Made with just a handful of ingredients, our vegan and gluten free Nibble Simply bites are essentially luxury biscuits made healthy.

Instead of using flour, our little low carb biscuit bites are made from a base of protein-packed ground cashews.

We’re so fussy, we even created our own, award-winning refined sugar free Madagascan chocolate chips for the range…

Madagascan Chocolate Chips

We searched around the globe for the very best ingredients for our Nibble Simply range. But we just couldn’t find the perfect lower sugar chocolate chips. . . So we made our own multi award-winning chocolate!

• 2023 Great Taste Award Winner
• 81% single origin cocoa mass from Madagascar (responsibly-sourced)
• Only 17% sugars
• No refined sugar (sweetened with coconut sugar)
• Our recipe made by the best Belgian chocolatiers


Made with just a handful of the very finest ingredients, our new Nibble Simply range of luxury low carb/ keto-friendly bites taste like the real deal—but with 70% less sugar, 55% fewer carbs, and 160% more protein than their cookie counterparts. And you’d never know it!

Our cashew nut base adds an extra satiating protein punch. And unlike most keto snacks, these little gems contain no stomach-upsetting sugar alcohols or other nasties! We even created our very own dark chocolate chips for this range.

Now for the nerdy bit

Lower in sugar & low GI

Across our ranges, on average our bites contain less than 1g per piece (or just 1/2g in the case of our Nibble Simply range)! Our award-winning bites typically contain 50-70% less sugar than a lot high protein snacks or date balls. Yup, that’s a big difference.

And importantly we’re using the best kind of sugars– natural, low Glycemic Index (GI) options like dried plum purée and coconut blossom nectar.

So why low GI– what’s all the fuss about?

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Protein isn’t all about muscles. It’s essential for overall good health. The amino acids in proteins are the building blocks for almost all life functions.

You need protein to. . .

Feed hair
Strengthen skin
Nourish nails
Signal satiety
Repair tissue
Boost immunity
Signal wakefulness
Promote healthy brain function
Signal motivation
Improve mood
Boost energy
Lower blood pressure
Build muscle
Maintain strong bones
Stabilise blood sugar

Nibble on protein

Your body is able to store some nutrients for use later on. Protein isn’t one of them! So if you don’t use it, you lose it.

But your body can only process so much protein at once. Complicated, right? Bottom line is it’s important to spread out your protein consumption through out the day, So, uh, nibble on protein. Tell me more…

Are you getting enough protein?

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Source of fibre

Fibre is good for your digestion and your heart health. But it also helps you feel fuller, longer. Fibre slows down the absorption of nutrients, reducing your appetite.

And importantly, fibre is crucial for good gut health, encouraging gut microbes/ friendly bacteria to thrive. This helps lower inflammation and improves immunity.