Freezer Saviour

by Erin Moroney

In lockdown, when you manage to get in fresh food, it’s all about FREEZING, FREEZING, FREEZING. You’ll thank us later…

Pesto adds serious flavour to anything and it can turn dull pasta (or just veg & beans) into a super satisfying meal. Believe it or note, pesto freezes really well. We’ve used cashews instead of pinenuts since they are easier to get a hold of.

1 tbs course salt
2 large garlic gloves
handful of cashews (or pinenuts)
200g basil
100 ml olive oil
50g hard cheese (a vegan option or parmesan or pecorino)

• In a food processor (or mortar & pestle), combine the the salt and garlic. Add the cashews and blitz again. Add basil and olive oil. Pulse for a min or two then add the cheese. I prefer my pesto a little on the chunky side so I tend not to process for too long.

• Divide the pesto, leaving some to use immediately.

• Spoon half of the mixture into an ice cube tray and pop into a freezer for an hour (set a timer or you will almost definitely forget!). Pop out of tray and keep in an airtight container in the freezer.

• Add to pasta, soup, steamed veg, etc.

by Erin Moroney

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