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We’re super proud that our all-natural, lower-sugar bites are a hit with many nutritionists, dieticians, pro athletes, doctors, and naturopaths.

At Nibble, we’re really passionate about encouraging and supporting people to eat less sugar– it’s a game-changer both physically and mentally. If you are like-minded, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Erin with any enquiries.

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Nibble is the OFFICIAL NUTRITION PARTNER of the charity, The Mintridge Foundaton.


Nibble is the official Nutrition Partner of the Mintridge Foundation, a registered charity that helps get kids into sports and wellness. Working with pro athlete ambassadors, including Olympians across a range of disciplines, Mintridge goes into schools and provides mentoring and training for youths. Through Mintridge, Nibble is encouraging kids to start early with healthier eating habits. The Sunday Times is now Mintridge’s media partner! LEARN MORE HERE

The Be Well Collective

The Be Well Collective is the only charitable initiative in the UK working to reduce the rates and devastating effects of eating disorders, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues within the creative industries. Nibble is available via their Charity Marketplace with a portion of the proceeds going back into the charity. LEARN MORE HERE

International bestselling author of GUT REACTION

Combining nutrition and complementary therapies, Gudrun Jonsson is a world-renowned gut guru. Gudrun believes balancing blood sugar is key to good health and she inspired Nibble’s low GI creds. LEARN MORE ABOUT GUDRUN

Zara Syed Nutrition

Zara Syed is a Registered Nutritionist (mBANT), with a degree in Biochemistry and a Masters in Clinical Neuroscience. She is an experienced digestive health specialist, based at her clinic on Harley Street. Zara is extremely passionate about education, delivering talks to inspire and empower individuals with the tools to make healthier dietary choices. LEARN MORE ABOUT ZARA