25 August 2018

Mintridge Foundation Nutrition Partner

We are very excited to announce that we are the nutrition partner for the Mintridge Foundation. The Mintridge Foundation is a registered charity that helps encourage sports participation, life skills and wellbeing for young people (ages 4-18+). The charity runs programmes with professional athletes in schools and colleges, providing mentoring, training, guidance and support for youths.

Harnessing the power of positive sporting role models, Mintridge helps young people by:
• Increasing sports participation and changing behaviour
• Nurturing sporting talent
• Enhancing life skills (including confidence and resilience)
• Increasing awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing

Mintridge works with an impressive team of professional athletes across a range of sports, with a roster including Olympic and Paralympic medalists. Ambassadors include professional footballers, cricketers, rugby players, gymnasts, tennis players, and swimmers (just to name a few!).

Nibble is partnering with the Mintridge Foundation to help raise young people’s awareness of the benefits of good nutrition, and especially the importance of reducing sugar consumption. Mintridge will be bringing our new lower sugar brownies into schools and colleges, aiming to encourage healthier snacking.

Nibble founder, Erin, is really excited about the nutrition partnership with Mintridge: “It’s really fitting because the brownies were actually developed as a healthy snack for my 12-year-old niece, Julie! And fortunately sport was such a big part of my childhood, it totally informed my health and fitness habits later in life. We’re thrilled to work with Mintridge to help get kids started on a healthier path early.”

Want to find out how to support the Mintridge Foundation? See here. You can also buy our bites on Amazon via The Mintridge Foundation’s Easyfundraising link. There is no added cost to the purchase price, but Amazon just makes a small donation–what’s not to love!

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