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10 foods for healthy hair

by Caroline Brien

The quality and condition of your hair, as well as how it grows and sheds, are partly down to genetic good luck. But a shoddy diet can also be to blame for broken and lacklustre locks.

The right combination of nutrients, however, can turbo charge your hair and scalp health. Protein strengthens the hair and boosts growth; omega-3s have anti- inflammatory properties to maintain a healthy scalp; iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to hair follicles; biotin fights brittleness; zinc prevents hair loss and a flaky scalp; Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) promotes hair growth; vitamin A helps the body produce sebum to nourish the scalp; and vitamin E protects and repairs hair follicles.

Try adding these to the menu for a healthy, glossy head of hair.

  • Poultry  (protein)
  • Salmon (protein & omega 3)
  • Lentils  (zinc, biotin & protein)
  • Pumpkins seeds (zinc, omega 3 & protein)
  • Spinach (iron)
  • Sweet potato (vitamin A)
  • Eggs (protein & biotin)
  • Walnuts (biotin, vitamin E)
  • Greek Yogurt (Vitamin B5)
  • Almonds (vitamin E)

by Caroline Brien
Award-winning Beauty & Lifestyle Editor. Long time yoga lover. Life time film fan. Some time wander-luster.

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