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Calling all healthy websites, bloggers, nutritionists, PTs, lower-sugar evangelists, etc. . . We’re on a mission to encourage and support people to eat less sugar– without it being hard work! Do you want to join us?

If you’re a Nibbler who wants to spread the love, join our Affiliate Programme. You can earn a commission every time one of your referrals buys from nibbleprotein.com.

It’s super easy — you can either pass on a voucher code to your followers/clients or pop a link or banner onto your site (we’ve got banners at the ready!). Any sales generated by you will earn a commission. Easy peasy. You earn a little extra dosh while making the world a lower sugar place : ). LEARN MORE ABOUT LOWER SUGAR/ LOW GI BENEFITS


• Earn commission on sales whenever one of your referrals buys from nibbleprotein.com

• We’ll send you some Nibble goodies after your first sales referral

• You’ll receive discount codes that you can use yourself and share with your friends/ family– you’ll be v. popular :)!

• You can track your sales & commissions as they roll in!

• You get total satisfaction that you are helping your friends/ family to eat less sugar, turning them onto the physical and mental benefits of eating low GI. Seriously game-changing :)!

Learn more about our Affiliate Programme HERE !

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Apply here to become a Nibble Affiliate– we’ll be in in touch asap!


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