Not just any NIBBLE!

Our award-winning, lower sugar bite-sized gems are made with just a handful of the very finest ingredients. Simply delicious!


Made with just a handful of the very finest ingredients, our range of luxury low carb/ keto-friendly bites taste like the real deal—but with 70% less sugar, 55% fewer carbs, and 160% more protein than their cookie counterparts. And you’d never know it!

Our cashew nut base adds an extra satiating protein punch. And unlike most keto snacks, these little gems contain no stomach-upsetting sugar alcohols or other nasties! We even created our very own award-winning refined sugar free dark chocolate chips for this range.

Putting a healthy twist on olds favs like COOKIE DOUGH, DOUBLE CHOC CHIP, and SHORTBREAD, what’s not to love!


We searched around the globe for the very best ingredients for our Nibble Simply range. But we just couldn’t find the perfect lower sugar chocolate chips. . . So we made our own multi award-winning chocolate!

• Great Taste Award Winner 2023, FFFA “Best Confectionery” Silver 2022, Nourish Award Silver 2022
• 81% single origin cocoa mass from Madagascar (responsibly-sourced)
• Only 17% sugars
• No refined sugar (sweetened with coconut sugar)
• Our recipe made by the best Belgian chocolatiers


Talk about keeping it simple. . .

Our multi awarding DIVINELY DARK MADAGASCAN CHOCOLATE CHIPS are the star of the show in this healthy, luxury trail mix. Perfect for when you want a filling chocolate fix, these trail mixes are delicious and made with the very best ingredients– no cheap fillers here.

Our LUX CHOC NUTTY MANGO MIX is a yummy combo of Californian almonds, our Madagascan Chocolate Chips, toasted hazelnuts and organic dried mango. While our low carb NUTTY CHOC FIX features our Madagascan Chocolate Chips, Californian almonds, and cashews. Super yummy and deliciously simple!

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Just a handful of the finest INGREDIENTS

Our yummy goodies are made with just a handful of the very finest, clean ingredients -- real food you can find in your kitchen. Simply delicious!

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Nutritionist Approved

We work with the country’s top nutritionists., wellness non-profits and diabetes clinics. Our new trail mix is also HFSS-compliant.

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Our bites & chocolate are sweetened with coconut sugar-- no stomach upsetting sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, high GI syrups or refined sugar.

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less sugar,
FEWER carbs

Our all-natural bites contain a fraction of the sugar & carbs of their cookie counterparts. And our Madagascan chococlate contain on average 64% less sugar than most standard choc chips.

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Our bite-sized goodies don’t contain emulsifiers, vegetable oils, palm oils, stomach-upsetting polyols, high sugar syrups, GMOs, artificial ingredients, or other junk.

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LOWER Glycemic InDEX

We craft lower glycemic index gems that help reduce blood sugar spikes. (What’s GI?) We’ve even made our own bespoke refined sugar free chocolates chips for our ranges. Yes, really!

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Multi award-winning

We’re really proud we’ve won many top industry gongs: including a Great Taste Award, Free From Food Awards, and Nourish Awards,

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PLANT-BASED & Gluten Free

Nibble is entirely plant-based and gluen free., All of our goodies are Vegan Society-certified.


Nibble was born out of desperation. I just couldn’t find my ideal snack anywhere!

I was working in a busy creative agency while marathon training and I needed a fuss-free, healthy snack I could nibble on throughout the day—one that wouldn’t mess with my blood sugar or my allergies.

Most snacks bars were filled with sugar, sticky dates, or just total junk. I also really wanted something bite-sized, easy to eat on the go and made with clean ingredients. And of course, it had to be really tasty!

I gave up looking and decided to make my own. It was a very steep learning curve (to say the least!!) and I made hundreds of test batches in my own kitchen before launching Nibble. Hope you enjoy!

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We’re pretty low in sugar, but we are using the right kind of sugars– natural, low GI options like dried plums and coconut blossom nectar.

So, low Glycemic Index– what’s all the fuss about?